Palestinian medical records show a well-known, wheelchair-bound protester was killed by a bullet to the head during an anti-Israel demonstration in Gaza two weeks ago.

However, the hospital and ambulance reports seen by The Associated Press did not say who fired the shot that killed Ibrahim Abu Thraya.

Witnesses say he was killed by an Israeli sniper. The Israeli army report says live fire was used against protest organizers, but Abu Thraya was not targeted. It concluded that it is impossible to know what killed him.

Many Palestinians regarded Abu Thraya as a symbol of Israeli repression. He was confined to a wheelchair after losing his legs in 2008. His family says he was wounded by an Israeli airstrike while rescuing others who were wounded. The AP says he was hurt during a clash with Israeli forces in a refugee camp.

His death is adding to Palestinian anger over U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and Trump’s plans to move the embassy there from Tel Aviv. Violent protests against the move have killed 12 Palestinians.

The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

​Girl’s detention

Also Thursday, an Israeli military court extended the detention of a 16-year-old Palestinian girl who has become a hero after she was videotaped kicking and slapping Israeli soldiers.

Troops arrested Ahed Tamimi last week. She faces charges of attacking soldiers. She is set to be released Monday.

Her mother and cousin were also arrested.

Ahed was videotaped hitting and kicking the soldiers outside her home near Ramallah. The soldiers did not resist and were criticized by some more militant Israelis, who say they let themselves be humiliated by a little girl.

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